Prepare for Wildfires
What to do before the flames get close
The wildfires that have consumed over 38,000 acres and destroyed more than 18 homes in the Santa Clarita
Valley mountains are a chilling reminder of just how vulnerable we can be. The Sand fire also claimed a least
one life, and forced the evacuation of more than 20,000 people.
We consulted the Los Angeles city and county fire departments for advice on what steps you can take to help
protect your home -- no matter where you live -- from brush fire.
Here's what they had to say, in graphic form:
Protecting your home from wildfire
Southern California is no stranger to destructive wildfires. Although homeowners cannot control Mother Nature,
they can take several precautions, notably brush clearance, to reduce fire danger.
Clearing your land
Brush clearance is one of the best
ways to protect your home from
wildfire. In Los Angeles, grass
around a home should be kept no
higher than 3 inches, and
branches and foliage must be  
kept at least 5 feet from any root
surface -- and 10 feet from a
chimney outlet. Violations can
trigger hundreds of dollars in fees.

For more information:
For more guidance, see and Also
consult your local fire authority as
ordinances can vary depending
on where you live.