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July 1 is the start of the fiscal year for WHOA and your
dues of $35.00 can be sent to our Treasurer:
Fred Beck
6652 Daryn Drive
Westhills, CA  91307
According to, distracted driving is anything that takes your eyes
or mind off the road, or your hands off the steering wheel – especially
texting and cell phone use. These are the most dangerous things we do
behind the wheel that many people do not think about because it is so

However, it is important to recognize the dangers of distracted driving. In
California, cell phone laws were enacted to help prevent distracted driving.
These laws prohibit cell phone and electronic wireless device usage
among any driver, transit and school bus drivers, except for valid
emergency or work-related purposes. Any driver under the age of 18 cannot
use a cell phone or any other electronic wireless device at all, not hand-
held, hands-free, Bluetooth, speaker phone, or any other means.
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Las Virgenes Homeowners Federation:

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Canoga Park and West Hills Chamber of Commerce:

Woodland Hills, Warner Center Neighborhood Council:
With a new law in place that expands on the previous cell phone laws in California, AB 1785 prohibits driving while
holding a cell phone in your hand. If the cell phone is used in a hands-free manner, such as voice command or the
use of a mounting device, it is completely legal. While driving, you can single swipe or tap the screen to activate or
deactivate a feature or function, but you cannot text, scroll or tap multiple times. This law is designed to prevent
distracted driving and to help make California’s roads safer.

So what about other distractions, like eating, grooming, dogs in the lap, etc.? Those other actions may not be illegal
but if a law enforcement officer sees anything that might be considered distracting enough to be a danger, they may be
cited under other vehicle sections, such as VC 22350, the basic speed law which restricts speed for multiple reasons
including reckless driving and disregard for the safety of persons or property.
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The action taken by the LVMWD Board includes:

- Irrigation with potable water is now limited to one day each week and that limitation will remain in place until further
notice. Service addresses ending in even numbers may irrigate Monday; addresses ending in odd numbers may
irrigate Tuesday.

- Irrigation is limited to no more than 15 minutes per station or zone on designated watering days.

The new irrigation restrictions take effect immediately; enforcement will begin December 7, giving time for property
owners to adjust their irrigation systems. While LVMWD will continue to provide an initial warning letter for violations,
fines will escalate to $500 for repeated non-compliance.

Properties using recycled water may continue to irrigate on a three-time per week schedule, as that supply has not
been as impacted by the drought as potable water.

In a continuation of existing policy, potable water customers may continue to use drip irrigation or engage in hand-
watering on any day of the week without restrictions.

The new “One and Done” one day per week policy for potable water irrigation joins the list of conservation measures
already in place:

- No irrigation between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.
- No irrigation in the 48 hours following rainfall.
- Hoses used for car washing must have a trigger nozzle.
- Irrigation may not run off the property into streets, gutters or onto adjacent properties.
- The washing down of sidewalks, parking areas and driveways is not permitted, unless an approved water broom is
- Fountains or water features must use a recirculating system.
- Hotels and motels must provide multi-night guests with the option to use towels and linens for more than one day.

Las Virgenes Municipal Water District provides potable water to residents of the cities of Agoura Hills, Calabasas,
Hidden Hills, Westlake Village and adjacent unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County including the Santa Monica
Mountains and Chatsworth. To learn more, visit
At their November 24 meeting, the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District
(LVMWD) Board of Directors adopted a new policy limiting potable water
irrigation to twice per week. The new action was taken because the District
has fallen below the State Water Resources Control Board mandate to
reduce usage by 36 percent or face significant financial penalties of up to
$10,000 per day.
Westhills Homeowners Association Fund Raising To Fight Development Of Land Behind
We are preparing for a long fight with the developer once he files his
development plan for approval. We estimate that we will need $8000 to
hire a lawyer and file motions. We already have raised $5500 from
unsolicited donations from WHA members. We need your help to raise
the rest of the money. Please send your contributions to:
WHA Defense Fund
c/o Fred Beck
6652 Daryn Drive
Westhills, CA 91307
Thank you for your support.
Water quality continues to be one of the most important environmental
concerns. Every individual can play his or her part to help keep our water
clean. One of the ways to ensure that our water remains free from toxins is
to wash your car the proper way. Many individuals overlook the fact that it
takes approximately 500 gallons of water to hand wash a car and that all of
that water is washed down our streets into local waterways. The easiest way
to ensure environmental protection is to take your car to a commercial car
wash where the waste water is discharged to a wastewater treatment
facility. However, if you choose to wash your car at home, keep in mind the
following suggestions to prevent additional toxic discharge into our creeks
and rivers:

  • Wash on an area that absorbs water such as gravel or grass. This
    allows the water to be filtered before it enters groundwater, storm
    drains, or creeks. Avoid washing cars on concrete or asphalt
    pavement unless it drains into a vegetated area.
  • Minimize water usage. Use a spray gun with flow restriction to reduce
    water volume and run-off.
  • Always empty wash buckets into sinks or toilets.

Another option is to utilize one of the City of Calabasas permitted Mobile Car
Wash operators. The City ensures that all operators use appropriate
preventative measures whenever they are engaged in car washing activities.
For a complete list of permitted mobile car washing companies, please visit
Do not leave items in your cars or mailboxes over night. Make sure to lock you car doors.  When
mailing checks, mail them at the post office to avoid being robbed.

Slow Down
The speed limit in the community is 25 MPH. Please watch your speed when going down the hill on
Julie Lane towards the park. You are approaching children at play.

News From Westhills Fire Safe Council
Thanks to our amazing fire department, brush clearance, and tree trimming our Westhills Community
dodged the recent destructive wild fires which surrounded us. This was a good reminder to be
proactive in maintaining your property.

Neighborhood Watch
Be alert for cars that are cruising our area.  Several home robberies have occurred in our
neighborhood. We wish all a happy and safe holiday season.

Westhills Homowners Picnic
Thanks to all those who helped plan, setup, and cleanup the WHA Picnic on Oct. 27th. It was a great
success, everyone had a great time making new friends and visiting with long time neighbors. Click
here for a list of the winners of the games. Pizzas, salads, and water were provided by the WHA and
enjoyed by all. We hope to see more of you next year.
The City of Calabasas organizes two free monthly electronic waste
collection events. On the first Saturday of the month (March 2, 2019), an
electronic waste collection will take place at the Albertson’s parking lot,
26521 Agoura Road (at Las Virgenes Road) in Calabasas from 10:00 a.
m. to 3:00 p.m.  A second monthly electronic waste event will take place
on the 3rd Saturday of the month (March 16, 2019) in the Mulholland
Shopping Center parking lot at 23381 Mulholland Drive in Woodland Hills
from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Acceptable items include but are not limited
to CD players, laptops and personal computers, microwave ovens,
printers, radios, stereos, telephones, and VCR’s.  For more information,
please contact the City of Calabasas Recycling and Solid Waste
Coordinator at (818) 224-1600.
Cities and counties all across the U.S. have been cooperating with the US
Census Bureau to prepare for the 2020 Census, which is now only 18
months away. The City of Calabasas Planning Division has been doing its
part for this effort by checking and confirming database accuracy for local
mailing addresses, housing unit counts, municipal boundaries, etc. Pre-
census work like this occurs at an inter-governmental level only and it is
accomplished with the highest degree of confidentiality. Neither the City nor
the US Census Bureau contact individual citizens for any reason regarding
pre-Census planning and coordination activities. Furthermore, even when the
Census Bureau does contact citizens for legitimate purposes (such as for
the decennial Census itself, for non-census year housing surveys, economic
surveys, and other official data gathering and analysis efforts), the Bureau
never requests sensitive or personal information such as what is outlined

asks for:
  • your full Social Security number
  • money or donations
  • anything on behalf of a political party
  • your full bank or credit card account numbers
  • your mother's maiden name

To learn more, visit