About Us
Fred Beck (wfredb20@gmail.com)
FireSafe Council Chair:
Geraldine Rothenberg
Recording Secretary
Ruth Watson (saintmombo@sbcglobal.net)
Board Members:
Bob Lancet (rtlancet82@gmail.com)
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Geraldine Rothenberg
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History of the Westhills Homeowners Association

In the 1970's when this development was built, a
homeowner's association was formed to support the
community. Its name was the West Valley Property
Owners Association. One of the first projects the
community voted to under take was to create the area
designation Westhills, one word. This was spearheaded
by Ethel Margolin and through her efforts in 1974 the LA
County Board of Supervisors officially granted our area
the name, Westhills.

With the creation of Westhills the association changed its
name to the Westhills Homeowners Association. The
association is a non-profit community group dedicated to
maintaining and improving the quality of life for the
residents. It acts as a representative for the community
with government agencies when issues affecting the
community develop. It sponsors community activities
such as the picnic and garage sale events.

It also reminds residents of their responsibilities under
CC&R's to avoid blocking the views of neighboring
properties, removal of motor homes and large trucks from
the area and provide architectural review of major
additions. Covenants Conditions & Restrictions are a
common element of property in California and are
attached to the deed of each property thereby insuring
their passing from owner to owner.

All residents are welcome at board meetings which are
generally held on the second Wednesday of the month at
7PM. Residents are encouraged to join the board and
new ideas are always welcomed.